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Logging In:

  1. Go to your website
  2. Add "/umbraco" to your URL to navigate to the CMS login screen
  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Click "Login"

Creating a User:

  1. Open the CMS
  2. Navigate to Users
  3. Choose "Create User"
  4. Enter the users's Name and Email Address
  5. Add "Administrators" to the User group and click "Submit"
  6. Click "Create User"

Navigating to the Homepage content

  1. Click on the "Home" icon in the left hand pane.
  2. In the right hand pane, scroll until you find the "Main content" section. Here you will see all your content types that are populating your page. In this case, you have a "Homepage banner", "Grid Layout", "Practice Areas" and "Quotes"
  3. Clicking into each content type will reveal content and settings for each type"

Editing the Homepage content

  1. Click on the "Home" icon in the left hand pane.
  2. In the right hand pane, scroll until you find the "Main content" section.
  3. Click on the "Homepage Banner" section
  4. Click into one of the banner slides
  5. In the Image View, you can drag the transparent circle to adjust your focal point.
  6. When finished, click "submit"
  7. Banner text can be edited in the WYSIWYG Editor by simply typing as if you were in a word proccessor.
  8. Styles such as "Bold" and "Italic" are available in the WYSIWYG toolbar
  9. When finished editing, click "submit"
  10. When you are finished with your page editing - click "Save and publish" to publish your page to the live site

Uploading Media

  1. Click on the Media item in the main menu
  2. You can create folder by selecting "create" and choosing "folder" from the list of choices
  3. Click "submit" to save your new folder
  4. You may drag and drop images from your desktop to upload photos
  5. Once the photo is uploaded, you can adjust the focal point
  6. Click "submit" to save your changes

Adding new sections to a page

  1. Click "Add Content" to your "Main Content" section
  2. Choose your content type - in this case we will choose a simple "Text" widget
  3. In the WYSIWYG editor, compose your message
  4. Apply your styling as you would in any text editor
  5. Click "submit" to save your changes
  6. Selecting the "gear" icon will allow you to change settings particular to each page section
  7. Assign a friendly name to your section
  8. and edit the properties such as content colors
  9. Click "submit" when you are finished with your changes
  10. Click "Save and publish to view your page section on the site
  11. Head back to the WYSWYG to further refine your page section
  12. And click "Save and publish" to save your changes

Adding new pages

  1. Click on the three dots to the page where you would like to add a child page (In this case, a sub page of "Home")
  2. Under "Create a new item under Home" choose "Page"
  3. Enter a page name, and assign a page title and click "Save and publish"
  4. Click on the "info" menu button for a link to your new page
  5. Click back to the "Content" menu button and add content sections to your page

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