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Full spectrum practice area expertise.

Let's face it: Life isn’t always blue skies and sunshine. At times, we get lost in the fog, have dark clouds overhead, or get caught in a storm. While our legal experience is vast and varied, our Practice Areas provide protection for life problems people weather most. Have an issue you don’t see covered here? Please contact us. The chances we can help are sky high.

Practice Areas

Business Law

Whether you’re just starting up or are well established; if your business is small, midsize, or large; MJA LAW brings years of experience in both simple and complex business legal matters to the table – kitchen and conference room, alike. We have the knowhow to help you with transactions, mediation, and litigation to keep your brand, your bottom line, and your future secure, so your success can flourish.

Criminal Law

Facing a legal challenge is always unsettling. But when you’re accused of a crime, the stakes don’t get much higher. The loss of your rights and your freedom is devastating to both your present and future. That’s why we take great care to focus on smart, personalized strategies and best options, without personal judgment. In every case, there’s a single goal: minimizing the impact of mistakes and missteps, so you can recover more easily and make the most of what’s next in life.

Divorce & Family Law

Marriage and family are two of life’s most precious foundations. So when instability arises, naturally that will get you at your core. This is no time for a firm that takes a robotic approach using legal templates. MJA LAW advocates for the best interests of you and those you care for with sensitive support, creative solutions, and critical knowledge of marriage and family matters. We we have feelings here, and we feel for you. We'll build your trust that life will go on, and work to make sure your next chapter is the very best it can be.

Employment Law

The employee-employer relationship isn’t much different than other relationships: It’s complicated. While established on the principle of mutual benefit, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Interests can conflict. Goals can get compromised. Satisfaction can deflate. All of this affects both employers' business performance and employees' on-the-job performance. MJA LAW applies intricate employment law expertise both for employers and employees to promote fairness and goodwill. Because that helps businesses run smoothly, keeps people’s lives secure, and drives everyone’s greatest work-life success.

Landlord-Tenant Law

The rights of property owners, and the right to have a roof over your head, are rights we don’t take lightly at MJA LAW. And when these rights are threatened, we’re well equipped with legal knowledge and experience to resolve disputes, keep basic rights intact, and maintain the well-being of both parties. We’re well versed in a wide range of landlord-tenant matters, including drafting leases, security deposit issues, rent payment problems, and evictions. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, we can advise on the best ways to manage disruption and resolve issues now and in the future, to keep lives stable, secure, and fruitful.

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